Verdrinken migranten is schuld van EU en ook ngo’s als Artsen zonder Grenzen bevorderen risicovolle overtochten

Arnold Karskens Het Europese migratiebeleid en ngo’s als Artsen zonder Grenzen bevorderen dat mensen het risico nemen de overtocht van … Meer

German Police Accused of Covering up CHILD RAPE in Asylum Home

Angela Merkel appears determined to drive her country to ruin, and to make sure that no one realizes what she … Meer

UK: Women disguised in burkas force way into flat and attack occupants with knives and hammer

This is Theresa May’s beautiful multicultural Britain. Where were the police while this attack was going on? Probably chasing down … Meer

New study claims most terrorists in US are “right-wing,” not Muslim

There is a steady stream of reports that claim to show that “right-wingers” are a larger threat than Islamic jihadists. … Meer

Pro-ISIS, Anti-Trump government hacks various websites

Pro-ISIS, Anti-Trump government hacks in US Pro-ISIS group Team System Dz, hacked several government websites across America on Sunday with … Meer