64,2 Prozent sind der Meinung, der Islam gehöre nicht zu Deutschland

Christian Wulff, bekannt als Kurzzeitbundespräsident, hat sich einmal zu der Behauptung hinreißen lassen, dass der Islam zu Deutschland gehöre. Die … Meer

ISIS Applauds Mass Murder of ‘Belligerent Christians’ in the Philippines

The majority Catholic nation has been under siege by Muslims waging jihad. Bloody terror. The Philippines has made extraordinary concessions … Meer

American Academy of Religion to teach religious scholars to combat “Islamophobia”

The American Academy of Religion is conducting the “Confronting Islamophobia” workshop in Boston and charges scholars $40 to attend…. “Who … Meer

Ramadan death toll to date: “Murdering infidels thus doesn’t contradict the spirit of Ramadan; it embodies it.”

Here is the latest tally, the human cost, of the heightened blood lust of the holiest of holies – Ramadan. … Meer

Glazov Gang: Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America

This special edition of The Glazov Gang was joined by Jim Simpson, author of The Red-Green Axis. Jim came on … Meer

London’s police chief: “Islamophobia” is intolerable

There you have it. “Islamophobia” is intolerable. Bombs designed to cause maximum pain, mutilation and dismemberment of our babies flesh … Meer

Ramadan Rage: Muslim Who Ran Down Five Men with His Van Praised as ‘Good Family Man’ by Judge

A judge at Leicester Crown Court praised a van driver who deliberately mounted a pavement and ran down five men … Meer