Australian Imam’s shocking conversation with an old friend

I follow Imam Tawhidi on Facebook because after watching videos of him and reading about him he appeared to be the genuine article. He appeared to be a Muslim Imam who wanted to reform.

He not only acknowledged all that is wrong with the ideology he was actively seeking to alert Australian politicians to the dangers of radical Islam within Australia. In return for his activism, he has had multiple death threats from other Muslims.

People have accused him of taqiyya even though he is critical of what he calls” radical Islam.” I really liked what I was reading and hearing but still retained a smidgen of doubt. After all, it is difficult to believe any Muslim no matter how great they seem when they follow a religion that tells them it is okay and even recommended to lie to non-Muslims in order to promote and protect Islam.

Yesterday Imam Tawhidi had a conversation with an old school friend which he shared with his followers on Facebook. It was a shocking conversation.

My childhood friend reached out to me this evening and this is what he had to conclude our conversation with:

-Imam Tawhidi



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