I am a proud ISLAMOPHOBE, and so should YOU!

George Garbow who’s account is permanently blocked or deleted over a wide range of social media (ie Twitter) and Youtube, … Meer

Zweden maakt kindhuwelijken voor immigranten rechtsgeldig

Zweden heeft kindhuwelijken voor pedofiele immigranten, die getrouwd willen blijven met hun minderjarige vrouwen, gelegaliseerd. Een maatregel die door velen wordt … Meer

Mord an Frau führt zu Massenausweisung syrischer Flüchtlinge aus libanesischer Stadt

Die syrischen Flüchtlinge stellen ein Viertel der libanesischen Bevölkerung. Im Libanon begegnet den Syrern oft Diskriminierung und Ausgrenzung aus der … Meer

Islamic State claims Paddock made “careful monitoring of the Crusader gatherings in the city of Las Vegas”

“…he became a martyr As [sic] Allah and His Messenger and the believers believe, but most people do not know.” … Meer

UK: Muslim shows children beheading videos, tells them “If you truly believe in Allah, you can do it”

“When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks…” (Qur’an 47:4) Ghumra told the boys: “I want you to persuade others … Meer

French prosecutors rule 11-year-old girl ‘consented’ to sex with 28-year-old and will not charge him with rape

A 28-year-old man sexually assaulted an 11-year-old girl in Paris suburb Court rules he cannot be prosecuted for rape as … Meer

CANADA: MUSLIM bus driver has been fired after allegedly sexually assaulting and molesting a disabled a 15-year-old Canadian

A 62-year-old Richmond Hill MUSLIM bus driver, Hamid Mohaghegh Montazeri, has been fired after being charged in connection with the … Meer

ISIS militants sentenced to death over killing of 21 Christians in Libya

An Egyptian court has sentenced ISIS militants to death for killing 21 Coptic Christians in Libya. In this regard, the … Meer