Gelooft u niet in de Religie van de vrede?

Het “religie van de vrede” statement wordt hier in een paar minuten door wat feiten aan barrels geslagen. Robert Spencer … Meer

Warum übersetzen Medien und Amtsträger `Allahu Akbar´ konstant falsch?

In immer kürzeren Abständen werden wir darüber unterrichtet, dass ein gläubiger Muslim mit den Worten „Allahu Akbar“ auf den Lippen … Meer

Denouncing Stanford event, rabbi claims that Robert Spencer “mischaracterizes, demonizes, and stereotypes Muslims”

“There is room in our community for many political viewpoints, but there is no room for hate. Robert Spencer peddles … Meer

Leftist Catholic mag: Robert Spencer “disagrees with the thrust of modern church teaching on Islam and Muslims”

In a lengthy hit piece in which they rely on the “research” of the Prince Alwaleed-funded “Bridge Initiative” of Georgetown … Meer

The Jihad Against the Freedom of Speech is Advancing, New film reveals the shocking truth of how far it has advanced

Most people don’t realize how much the freedom of speech has already been eroded. It is already taken for granted … Meer

Ramadan death toll to date: “Murdering infidels thus doesn’t contradict the spirit of Ramadan; it embodies it.”

Here is the latest tally, the human cost, of the heightened blood lust of the holiest of holies – Ramadan. … Meer

Video from Australia: Muslim girl, 14, forced to marry man 20 years older

by Robert Spencer Few aspects of Islam that contradict Western laws and principles of human rights are more abundantly attested … Meer

New York City subway posters affirm right of Muslim women to wear hijab

by Robert Spencer New York City’s virtue is now amply signaled, and it is interesting that the City authorities decided … Meer