Yeah, Shadilay; a free Kekistan and Fuck all these Alt-Left SJW weirdos – Pepe hates #ANTIFAs

The free society of Kekistan. Kekistan, from the ancient past, covered by archeological evidence on various locations in addendum to … Meer

Ook Duitse en Britse ngo stoppen reddingsoperaties op Middellandse Zee

De Duitse ngo Sea Eye en de Britse hulporganisatie Save the Children hebben bekendgemaakt hun reddingsoperaties in de Middellandse Zee … Meer

Migranten, hoe eenvoudig kan het zijn…

Ja, zomaar even voor de vuist weg. Natuurlijk verre van compleet en verfijnd maar ja, elk idee welkom zeg ik … Meer

Imam arrested for ‘calling for non-strict Muslims to be burned to death’!

An Imam (Scheich Abdurrahman) in Zurich has been arrested after allegedly calling for non-practicing Muslims to be burned and killed. … Meer

UK “journalist” says she doesn’t know religion of Muslim rape gangs, it’s “irrelevant”

Cathy Newman is a presenter on the UK’s Channel 4, and a writer for the Telegraph. Here she enunciates the … Meer

Merkel Tells EU Nations: ‘You Must Take 40k More Asylum Seekers’

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (pictured above) has backed United Nations plans to admit a further 40,000 asylum seekers from the … Meer

Must-read: Middle East correspondent interviews IS wive on Yezidi slavery

From time to time, we channel the findings of Middle-East correspondents Harald Doornbos and his wife Jenan Moussa. They are … Meer