Haha, truth sometimes hurts so much, especially when living in your own bubble like Theresa May. A BIG thanks to Donald Trump

BRITISH PM Theresa May says the problem is the “far right” not radical Islam because Islamic terrorism does not exist. … Meer

Zwartboek NOSjournaal (Alle delen/links) – Arnold Karskens via TheKarskensTimes.com

Eerder berichtten wij over dit voornemen van Arnold Karskens. De eerste resultaten zijn inmiddels vastgelegd in diverse blokken waar u … Meer

Dänische Migrationsministerin wird aus Flüchtlingsheim evakuiert – Auto fährt Asylsuchende um

Dänemarks Migrations- und Integrationsministerin Inger Støjberg musste nach einem Besuch in einem Flüchtlingslager am Freitag evakuiert werden. Der Vorfall ereignete … Meer

I am a proud ISLAMOPHOBE, and so should YOU!

George Garbow who’s account is permanently blocked or deleted over a wide range of social media (ie Twitter) and Youtube, … Meer

American Muslim Plot: “Pamela Geller Deserved To Be Beheaded”

Of course no big media will cover this trial, but this is happening right now as we speak. And it … Meer

FRANCE: Who but the government would treat Muslim terrorists as a protected class whose identities must be protected?

Brigitte Kuster, deputy mayor of the XVIIe arrondissement of Paris (Les Républicains), has filed a draft law aimed at prohibiting … Meer

Cartoon; 7 Plagen van het Nederlandse volk

Incompleet edoch… pic.twitter.com/Tf6wwYCJgQ — HB-#pvv (@Heerbean) October 8, 2017 De “refugee welcome”-gekkies, de mainstream npo, Pechtold, Rutte, de euro, klassejustitie … Meer

The Never Ending Rise of Anti-White Politics in the UK

Identity Politics in the UK The UK prides itself on being moderate and liberal, our right wing conservatives are to … Meer