Yeah, Shadilay; a free Kekistan and Fuck all these Alt-Left SJW weirdos – Pepe hates #ANTIFAs

The free society of Kekistan. Kekistan, from the ancient past, covered by archeological evidence on various locations in addendum to … Meer

Migranten, hoe eenvoudig kan het zijn…

Ja, zomaar even voor de vuist weg. Natuurlijk verre van compleet en verfijnd maar ja, elk idee welkom zeg ik … Meer

Imam arrested for ‘calling for non-strict Muslims to be burned to death’!

An Imam (Scheich Abdurrahman) in Zurich has been arrested after allegedly calling for non-practicing Muslims to be burned and killed. … Meer

UK “journalist” says she doesn’t know religion of Muslim rape gangs, it’s “irrelevant”

Cathy Newman is a presenter on the UK’s Channel 4, and a writer for the Telegraph. Here she enunciates the … Meer

Merkel Tells EU Nations: ‘You Must Take 40k More Asylum Seekers’

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (pictured above) has backed United Nations plans to admit a further 40,000 asylum seekers from the … Meer

Must-read: Middle East correspondent interviews IS wive on Yezidi slavery

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Londense OV-campagne teruggetrokken om ‘geseksualiseerde’ hoofddoekkleuter

Policorwatch – Multiculti kinderboek over Londens OV roept boze reacties op van moslima’s. De Londense Children’s Traffic Club heeft campagnemateriaal … Meer