Pope Francis: Opponents of Mass Migration Sow ‘Violence, Racial Discrimination and Xenophobia’

In his new message for the World Day of Peace, Pope Francis has denounced those who question the wisdom of … Meer

Pretpark Walibi Holland krijgt gebedsruimte voor moslims

Walibi Holland richt binnenkort een gebedsruimte in voor islamitische bezoekers van het pretpak. Volgens Walibi Holland is er ‘een toenemende … Meer

Multiculturalists Working to Undermine Western Civilization

Unlike postmodernism, which sees Western culture as no better than other cultures, postcolonialism considers Western culture inferior to other cultures. … Meer

Die große Verschleierung – Teil III, Statistik-Review: Mindestens 7,19 Millionen Muslime in Deutschland

Im ersten Teil unserer kleinen Serie „Die große Verschleierung“ haben wir uns der Frage gewidmet, warum Politik und Medien ein Interesse … Meer

Dutch Ministry of Justice ignores anti-Jewish terror (with video)

Jews are insulted and abused on the streets, and synagogues and Jewish businesses are attacked. This is unacceptable for the … Meer

UK church holds joint birthday celebration for Muhammad and Jesus

Muhammad, according to Islamic belief, was given the Qur’an from Allah, through the angel Gabriel. The Qur’an denies central tenets … Meer