Sweden: Three African migrants gang-rape 15 y/o girl, none are deported due to “humanitarian considerations”

The Stockholm District Court on 31 July has reached a verdict in a rape-case dating back to the middle of April 2017.

It all started when a 15-year-old girl went to a party in a Södermalm apartment in Stockholm. After the party, she stayed the night, keeping her clothes on. She was awakened by muttering, shortly afterwards being attacked by three men who tore her clothes off.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor FriaTider.seThe convicts are the 19-year-old Ali from Somalia, the 19-year-old Christian from Sierra Leone and the 20-year-old Nasir, who is a Swedish citizen. Ali and Christian both came to Sweden when they were 15 years old, both have since received the right to permanently remain in Sweden, Christian in April 2015, Ali in March 2014.

Public Prosecutor Kristin Morén said:

None of the men had prior relations with her, she met them at the party. I judge this as a rape case because there is more than one perpetrator.

According to the description given by the prosecutor during the trial, the men acted together and with mutual agreement. They held the girl down, choked her and took turns raping her during the night. The girl shouted “quit!“, “stop!” and “I don’t want to!” She later said it hurt her terribly when she was penetrated, but that the Africans didn’t care



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