Egyptian Lawyer Says It Is a ‘National Duty’ for Men to Rape Girls Who Wear Ripped Jeans (Update:Video)

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Another Rotherham Grooming Gang in Court for Raping Young Girls

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‘Filthy’ White Girls to Blame for Their Abuse, Says Wife of Muslim Groomer

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Glasgow: Muslim rape gang targeting girls as young as 14

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“Ik ben verkracht door duizenden mannen. Waar blijft de steun van politie en gerecht?”

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Germany: Four Asylum Seekers Arrested After 56-Year-Old is Gang Raped

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A message to @junckerEU @timmermansEU @EU_commission @EP_president @EUcopresident @EUcouncil and every other @EU asshole

Let’s throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the harbour. Catch the trade winds in our sails. My 2017 State … Meer

Sweden Releases ‘Sex Guidebook’ to Teach Young Migrants Not to Rape

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No Prosecution Necessary: UK Police Force Issues over 100 Cautions for Rape, Sexual Assault Against Children

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Asian sex gang with FORTY members preyed on around 100 girls in Newcastle and gave victims M-Cat drug to groom them into being abused

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