A message to @junckerEU @timmermansEU @EU_commission @EP_president @EUcopresident @EUcouncil and every other @EU asshole

Let’s throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the harbour. Catch the trade winds in our sails. My 2017 State of the Union #SOTEU speech…

Well Jean-Claude Juncker, you must have taken a few gallons of the wrong spirit, puking that much nonsense. Disgusting, you’re all a bunch of autocratic cunts over there in your Brussel fortress when stating; “Europe would be easier to understand if one captain was steering the ship”!

Is this some #PERVERSION of the #dutch VOC spirit?

Come on now with your dictatorship, forcing all these Middle-Eastern and African thugs on us, all these “AllahuAkbar” convinced barbarians who’ll face nothing but a major civilisation clash in each Western country they head for.

Integration or assimilation is an illusion, they’re are simply not allowed to integrate according to their holy quran in which their pedoprophet wrote it all down.

Real pity you don’t know, actually you should be ashamed for not knowing! Lying pigs practicing their Taqiyya towards you stupid dhimmi’s.

This is pure WHITE GENOCIDE by wanting to replace locals in every nation state with non- or poor-skilled creatures from the stone-age, nevertheless poisoning us with lies otherwise.

My very short reaction is very clear; “Fuck You & Fuck Off with your Bullshit, insane EU populist.”

Of course this goes for all of your close EU friends. Your enemies are obviously my friends…

Here’s something for you all to learn today, feel free to spread!

SO much respect for the Visegrad countries with strong leaders willing to really protect their citizens from barbaric cult by not coorporating with this forced influx…

Chapeau to them!

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ok, for those diehard fools…; > State of the European Union Speech 2017;

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