That didn’t take long… Muslim community ‘absolutely disgusted’ by Newcastle grooming gang

Indeed didn’t take long… Communities fear backlash as far-right seeks to ‘exploit exploitation’ Toods Nook in Newcastle, where ‘sex parties’ … Meer

She Blamed Islamophobia, Then Her Husband was Arrested for Weapons Smuggling, Another Media Islamophobia victim’s story falls apart.

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Human Rights v Islam

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Wat zou Jezus doen Gert-jan? Een open brief over de formatie…

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If we talk islam, let’s use the RIGHT terms

Like JIHAD isn’t terror according to the islamic indoctrine, so why do we keep talking about terror… Just listen to … Meer

Oh you infidels, beware and prepare for islamic taqiyya

Read how muslims will try to confuse every discussion. Read this quran yourself to be prepared for those lie and … Meer