Germany Admits 75 Percent of Refugees Will Be on Public Dole for Life

Germany’s refugees — and there are many — will by and large be on the public dole for life, according … Meer

‘Dienares van Satan’ – Conservatieve moslims voeren hetze tegen liberale moskee in Berlijn; Turkse activiste wil samen optrekken tegen islamitisch terreur, wordt bedreigd met dood

Afgelopen week opende de Turkse advocaat en vrouwenactiviste, Seyran Ateş, in Berlijn de eerste ‘liberale moskee’, de Ibn-Rushd-Goethe-Moschee in de wijk … Meer

The EU pours billions of euros into Erdogan’s Turkey, results remain absent

What does the European Union do, when confronted with the rise of a freshly groomed Turkish dictator who throws his … Meer

France: Polish truck driver killed by migrant built tree trunk roadblock

On 20 June around 3:45 on the morning the driver of a truck registered in Poland was killed in an accident on … Meer

“I’m a Muslim, fuck Swedes, Swedes are racists,” roared 3 Muslim invaders, who tried to rob a homeless man and beat up a handicapped man on crutches in Sweden

Three Arab Muslims posing as refugees, aged 45, 38, & 32 (below), not only tried to steal the wallet and belongings … Meer