Multiculturalists Working to Undermine Western Civilization

Unlike postmodernism, which sees Western culture as no better than other cultures, postcolonialism considers Western culture inferior to other cultures. … Meer

Al-Shabaab kept women as sex slaves, subjected them to gang rapes and forced abortions

Why have we seen not just the Islamic State, but also Boko Haram and now al-Shabaab take sex slaves? Because … Meer

Sweden: Palestinian demonstrators in Malmö sing “We will shoot the Jews”

A large demonstration by Palestinian Muslims took place Friday, in the Swedish city of Malmö. #Sweden: Palestinian Muslims already formed … Meer

Sind die „Flüchtlinge“ eine der gefährlichsten und kriminellsten Menschengruppen weltweit?

Update 10.12.17 (David Berger): Nachdem ich diesen Beitrag gestern auf Facebook gepostet hatte, wurde ich dort für 30 Tage gesperrtdort … Meer