Islamisering in Nederland, vanaf 1951

Autoriteiten zijn de islam, die via immigratie naar Nederland is gekomen, over het algemeen toegenegen. Het is ook niet ongebruikelijk … Meer

Nigerian Catholic bishop: Western politicians damage African Christianity by “pandering” to Islam

Bishop Kukah is correct, but there is another aspect to this as well: the chief Islamopanderer is not a politician. … Meer

FRANCE: Who but the government would treat Muslim terrorists as a protected class whose identities must be protected?

Brigitte Kuster, deputy mayor of the XVIIe arrondissement of Paris (Les Républicains), has filed a draft law aimed at prohibiting … Meer

GERMANY: Are we witnessing the beginnings of a new ‘Islamic Republic’ as German politicians consider recognition of Muslim holidays?

Germany’s Interior Minister, Thomas De Maizière, has just  announced that he is “ready to discuss” recognition of Islamic holidays in regions of the … Meer

Migrant Unemployment Hits Record High in Germany, Merkel’s dream of ‘refugees’ replacing the aging German workforce goes up in flames as 2 million immigrants go on the dole

Remember the Progressive claim that ‘refugees’ swarming into Europe will boost the continent’s workforce? “What the refugees bring us is … Meer

Pro Asyl kritisiert Streit um Obergrenze als „völlig losgelöste Phantomdiskussion“

Pro Asyl kritisiert die Debatte um eine Obergrenze. Der Geschäftsführer kündigt an, Flüchtlinge auch juristisch dabei zu unterstützen, wenn sie … Meer

Swedish Feminist Defends Polygamy, Attacks Nuclear Family

Swedish feminist artist and writer Ulla Lundegård has sparked a controversy with her opinion piece, in which she expressed support … Meer