Sweden: Palestinian demonstrators in Malmö sing “We will shoot the Jews”

A large demonstration by Palestinian Muslims took place Friday, in the Swedish city of Malmö. #Sweden: Palestinian Muslims already formed … Meer

Brutale Ausländer-Schlägereien in Linz und Steyr

Am Wochenende hat es in Oberösterreich wieder ordentlich gekracht: In Steyr kochten ein 43-jähriger Kosovare und ein 38-jähriger Serbe ihre … Meer

Dutch Ministry of Justice ignores anti-Jewish terror (with video)

Jews are insulted and abused on the streets, and synagogues and Jewish businesses are attacked. This is unacceptable for the … Meer

UK church holds joint birthday celebration for Muhammad and Jesus

Muhammad, according to Islamic belief, was given the Qur’an from Allah, through the angel Gabriel. The Qur’an denies central tenets … Meer