Yeah, Shadilay; a free Kekistan and Fuck all these Alt-Left SJW weirdos – Pepe hates #ANTIFAs

The free society of Kekistan. Kekistan, from the ancient past, covered by archeological evidence on various locations in addendum to … Meer

UK “journalist” says she doesn’t know religion of Muslim rape gangs, it’s “irrelevant”

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Merkel Tells EU Nations: ‘You Must Take 40k More Asylum Seekers’

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Must-read: Middle East correspondent interviews IS wive on Yezidi slavery

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Deutschland packt aus, Teil III – Bundeswehrsoldat: „Wir dürfen uns nicht mehr verteidigen!“

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#BlackLivesMatter and #Antifa Shut Down Oakland In Massive Protest, Media Silent

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ISIS fanatics given HOUSES and JOBS on Syria return as part of ‘hug a jihadi’ campaign

ISIS jihadis arriving back from Syria are being offered apartments, education and jobs to reintegrate the radicalised back into society. … Meer