UK church holds joint birthday celebration for Muhammad and Jesus

Muhammad, according to Islamic belief, was given the Qur’an from Allah, through the angel Gabriel. The Qur’an denies central tenets … Meer

EU-apparatsjik Frans Timmermans wil structureel Afrikaanse immigratie

Topfunctionaris van de Europese Unie Frans Timmermans laat in aanloop van de komende immigratie-top van 14 december met regelmaat van … Meer

Canada: Liberals remove condemnation of “barbaric cultural practices” like FGM from citizenship study guide

Canada’s Liberal government has removed condemnation of “barbaric cultural practices” like Muslim honor killings and female genital mutilation from the … Meer

Haha, truth sometimes hurts so much, especially when living in your own bubble like Theresa May. A BIG thanks to Donald Trump

BRITISH PM Theresa May says the problem is the “far right” not radical Islam because Islamic terrorism does not exist. … Meer

Trudeau plans to “reintegrate” Islamic State jihad terrorists into Canada

The Trudeau government doubtless believes that poverty and lack of opportunity cause jihad terrorism, so they will shower these jihad … Meer

Zwartboek NOSjournaal (Alle delen/links) – Arnold Karskens via

Eerder berichtten wij over dit voornemen van Arnold Karskens. De eerste resultaten zijn inmiddels vastgelegd in diverse blokken waar u … Meer

Rassismus gegen Deutsche kann gar kein Rassismus sein…

Rassismus geht immer nur vom Deutschen aus… dieses eherne linke Gesetz scheint auch weiterhin zu gelten und unter diesem Nimbus … Meer

Denouncing Stanford event, rabbi claims that Robert Spencer “mischaracterizes, demonizes, and stereotypes Muslims”

“There is room in our community for many political viewpoints, but there is no room for hate. Robert Spencer peddles … Meer