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This funding facility is a brand new addition to the site which started in december 2016, one year ago now. We’re highly motivated by all positive reactions and will continue building and expanding. All for the goal to awakening people about the evil of islam, left fascism, EU dictatorship, gender madness, censorship, freedom of speech, mass migration causing white genocide and more. The main focus however, is on the topic of islam, a real threat for our Western societies. Evil by jihad in many disguises like money-jihad, migration-jihad, jihad by sword, jihad by infiltration, jihad by birth and so on. We hope to contribute by truth telling about facts and real news. By doing so, we hope your eyes get opened on what is going on globally. Get red-pilled and recognize (to resist) the evil forces coming towards us, if not already arrived. Please, get out of your comfort zone…

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