Designated Terrorist Group CAIR gets ‘Michiganistan’ city clerk fired for her alleged anti-Muslim opinion on Facebook

What did she say? Referring to an article about a Muslim supremacist woman who left her White House job just 8 days after Donald Trump became president, Plymouth City Clerk Linda Langmesser (above) said that the former White House staffer was being deceitful “because that’s what they do in their culture” and that she “should be sent back to where she can worship the koran.”


FOX2Detroit Amid CAIR’s usual strong arm and intimidation tactics, the Plymouth City Clerk resigned and retired Friday Linda Langmesser stepped down from her post amid allegations she authored inflammatory remarks about Muslims on Facebook.

The Facebook post in question is a comment on an article headlined “Muslim Woman Claims she ‘Only Lasted Eight Days’ in Trump White House.

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