Sixth woman in Berlin attacked by cyclist with acid

These could be the actions of some psychopath. However, acid attacks are a hallmark of angry Muslim men in Pakistan, where women have been disfigured in acid attacks for crimes such as rejecting a marriage proposal or being raped. Now there has been a spate of such attacks in Berlin. Is this more of the fruit of Merkel’s open-door immigration policy? It could be. It could also be the cultural influence of importing in Germany massive numbers of men with the kind of contempt and hatred for women that leads to acid attacks: these attitudes could be beginning to rub off on the locals, a la the red-haired Muslim convert in Britain who put up “Sharia patrol” signs warning people to conform with Islamic law, or else.

“Sixth woman in Berlin attacked by cyclist with ‘unknown liquid,’” by Emma Anderson, The Local, March 14, 2017:

A sixth woman has reported being attacked in Berlin by a man on a bicycle with an unknown liquid after other women were similarly sprayed with acid. Now police have a more detailed description of the suspect.

It is not yet known whether the six cases are connected, but the modus operandi appears to be the same: A man on a bicycle rides up to a woman walking at night and sprays her with a liquid.

This is what happened to a 41-year-old walking late on Monday around midnight in the eastern Prenzlauer Berg district, police report.

The woman told police that a man rode by her and sprayed an as of yet unknown substance in the direction of her head. Police said that luckily the woman acted quickly to use her scarf to block the liquid from hitting her, meaning she was left unharmed…


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