‘Allahu Akbar’ and ‘#NotAllMuslims’

Paul Joseph Watson speaks out on the leftist and Moslems reactions…

And more specific on Londons’ moslem mayor Sadiq Khan, the very clear view by Paul Weston…

We should not even consider hunting extremists because we will always be one step behind. All those mosques are the breeding ground for jihadis. The islamic environment for raising children is filled with hatred towards the non-believer. It will never work out in a way which we would like. Integration will remain a complete failure. We must do the one and only thing which is rejecting all of islam in all European countries. On every topic that conflicts with our liberal democracy or our rule of law, we must close down islamic schools and mosques. No more tolerance towards this stone-age ideology, even though it’s not our way of thinking behaving that way…

Have a nice day while thinking this over, Zeepertje

Also published on Fenixx.org

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