Finland Tells Its Soldiers to Play It Safe, Stay Home at Night to Avoid Trouble

Better safe than sorry, right? To perfectly illustrate this idea, Finnish conscripts have been advised against going out in their military uniform after nightfall. This unexpected decision is reportedly based on the elevated risk of a terrorist threat in the Nordic country.

Security patrolWhile the army is often seen as the backbone of a nation’s security, it does not mean that soldiers themselves are always safe. New instructions by the Finnish General Staff specifically advise soldiers from traveling in military uniform alone at night.

Lieutenant Colonel Mika Holma of the Pori Brigade Staff confirmed these instructions to the Finnish daily Hufvudstadsbladet, yet refrained from further comment on the underlying reason.

“The conscripts have been advised not to travel alone dressed in their uniform after dark. At the same time, they have been recommended to use joint transports,” Mika Holma said.

It has been suggested, however, that this precaution is based on the recently revealed plans by Abderrahman Bouanane, the main suspect behind last month’s vicious stabbings in the city of Turku…

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    1. All islam appeasement and afraid of the resulting aggression from the cult. They just have to shoot every bastard promoting islam through jihad or with violence otherwise. Just like the Venice mayor a few weeks ago; “Everyone shouting allahuakbar will not be able doing another 3 or 4 steps because he will be shot immediately”. That’s how we should act over here as well…

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