Asylum Seeker Pair Arrested After Sexually Exposing Themselves to Girls as Young as Ten

Two asylum seekers, a 32-year-old Syrian and a 20-year-old Afghan, were arrested in the German city of Augsburg and stand accused of repeatedly exposing their genitals to young girls on public transportation.

handcuffsThe two men are said to have exposed themselves time and time again on buses, trains, and streetcars, and have been in custody since the weekend. The Afghan admitted to police to four separate incidents of public exposure while the Syrian has yet to admit to any wrongdoing, Augsburger Allgemeine reports.

In the case of the Afghan, his victims were between the ages of only 10 and 11 years old. He was caught by chance when an investigator, who had seen his face multiple times from security camera footage, recognised him. The investigator called his colleagues who arrested the man in the vicinity of the Curt Frenzel Stadium.

The Syrian is alleged to have exposed himself on seven different occasions though he has yet to admit to any. His youngest victim was also only 10 years old and the migrant is thought to have also potentially molested several of his victims

He was caught when a pair of teen girls, one of whom he had harassed previously on a tram, called the police and followed the man until he was arrested while giving officers updates as to his location.

Police say they are also looking for a third suspected exhibitionist who they have described as a 30-year-old African male…

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