Moslim gezin verkracht, knevelt en wurgt christelijk meisje voor de ogen van haar vader

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Forgotten in hell: Half of abducted Iraqi Yazidi girls remain in ISIS captivity & sex slavery

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Report: Hundreds of Islamic State Sex Slaves Face Honor Killings if They Escape

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Islamic State opens sex slave market in Turkey’s capital

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Yes, boys, you CAN have sex slaves: Outrage as British Muslim cleric at mosque where Cardiff jihadis were radicalised tells teenagers that ‘captives’ are permissible under Islam in vile sermon

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Swedish woman raped by refugee commits suicide after prosecutor claims “lack of evidence”

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‘Different Cultural Norms’ – Pakistani Doctor Assaulted Student Nurse He Saw as ‘Sexually Available’

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De vreselijke naïviteit van ons kabinet als het gaat om de daadwerkelijke islam

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