Dutch Ministry of Justice ignores anti-Jewish terror (with video)

Jews are insulted and abused on the streets, and synagogues and Jewish businesses are attacked. This is unacceptable for the Jewish community, and it should be for the Dutch government as well.

On December 7, a Palestinian asylum seeker attacked an Amsterdam kosher restaurant. He smashed the windows, kicked in the door and took down the Israeli flag, screaming “Allah Akbar.” The video of the attack went viral all over the world. The owner of the restaurant was obviously shocked. There was a wave of horror and fear going through the Dutch Jewish community.

However, to the astonishment of many in the Jewish community, the perpetrator was quickly released. He is likely to get away with a light penalty, because the Dutch Justice Department limited the accusation to “vandalism and theft” only, which will be handled in a low-level procedure. That is quite remarkable, as this attack was against private Jewish property, therefore the Jewish community as such.

It should be treated as an anti-Semitic hate crime or terror attack. The Jewish community is already dealing with aggression on a regular basis.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte should have known better. Instead he gave the restaurant owner a compliment by saying he “seemed apparently undisturbed by the attack.”

Unfortunately, the prime minister did not realize the reason for this: namely that Jews who are recognizable as such and owners of Jewish businesses are already accustomed to being insulted and spat on. However, the prime minister did acknowledge the severity of the terror attack, calling it “totally unacceptable” and “really terrible.”…

Also published on Fenixx.org

  • Arrestatie belager joods restaurant Amsterdam van dichtbij gefilmd: VVD stelt vragen

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