American Academy of Religion to teach religious scholars to combat “Islamophobia”

The American Academy of Religion is conducting the “Confronting Islamophobia” workshop in Boston and charges scholars $40 to attend…. “Who are the casualties of Islamophobia?” will be yet another topic, but it will presumably not discuss the Muslim-on-Muslim terrorism occurring between the Sunni and Shiite sects of the faith.

Muslim-on-Muslim violence could not possibly be a topic, because the whole “Islamophobia” farce is centered around the scenario of European “colonialist” society oppressing perpetually “victimized” Muslims.

To attempt to introduce into this workshop any truth about Islamic supremacism, human rights violations by Muslims, and Muslim-on-Muslim violence would shatter the victimology subterfuge that is central to the “Islamophobia” agenda. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation pushes that agenda aggressively, seeking to shut down any criticism of Islam, because such criticism is forbidden under the Sharia and is regarded as an unpardonable insult to the religious “dignity” of Muslims. From a declaration by the OIC on Islamophobia:

 We strongly believe that defamation of Islam geared towards denigrating and dehumanizing Muslims, their beliefs and sacred personalities, insults the deep-seated religious feelings, undermines their dignity and violates their fundamental human rights thus threatening the multicultural fabric of the societies. We reject all acts and attempts of distortion to associate Islam with terrorism. Nothing could have been farther from the truth.

Shame on the American Academy of Religion, which has subjugated itself under the sharia.

“Workshop Will Teach Scholars To ‘Challenge Anti-Muslim Prejudice’”, by Rob Shimshock, Daily Caller, June 14, 2017:

An association of religious scholars are hosting a day-long workshop in the fall dedicated to teaching “knowledge, tools, and strategies to challenge anti-Muslim prejudice in the public square.”…


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