UK’s “terror czar” urges that jihad preachers NOT be jailed

Britain is galloping toward ruin, and Max Hill is urging it onward, onward, ever onward. This is the same clown who said that returning Islamic State jihadis should not be prosecuted.

“UK’s terror czar says: DON’T jail hate preachers,” by Martin Bentham, Evening Standard, October 24, 2017:

The Government’s terror watchdog today said introducing tough new laws to tackle hate preachers would be “quite wrong” despite a recent wave of Islamist attacks.

Max Hill QC said that the creation of new criminal offences, including banning orders and extremism disruption orders, backed by potential jail sentences, should not go ahead.

Both measures have been backed by Theresa May and were among “potential new criminal offences to defeat extremism” promised in her manifesto.

But Mr Hill, the Government’s independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, said the law should be targeted only at those who attempt to commit, or do carry out, acts of violence.

Last week, he suggested some returning British Islamic State fighters should be reintegrated into society, rather than prosecuted, as they were “naive”…

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