Canada Heading Towards Blasphemy Law

My family and I came to Canada 29 years ago to embrace the values of a liberal democracy, of which freedom of speech is the most vital.

On December 5, 2016, Canadian MP Iqra Khalid proposed a bill against Islamophobia (Motion 103). She began her statement in parliament by saying, “Mr. Speaker, I am a young, brown, Muslim, Canadian woman …”

I find it curious that Khalid begins by identifying herself first as brown, then Muslim and lastly as a Canadian. To my understanding, a Canadian member of parliament should identify as Canadian first.

And being Canadian means showing concern for everyone, not just a select group of people.

Perhaps this may be the reason why Khalid has not studied what Islamophobia really means. The term Islamophobia was created in the 1990s, when U.S. Muslim Brotherhood groups decided to “play victim” for the purpose of “beating down critics.” It is also in sync with a constant push by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to turn any criticism of Islam or Muslims into blasphemy.

Is this what we want in Canada? Blasphemy laws?

As a Canadian Muslim I am very concerned about the direction in which we are headed. My family and I came to Canada 29 years ago to embrace the values of a liberal democracy, of which freedom of speech is the most vital.

M-103 will kill free speech and goes directly against Canadian values.  Canadians must speak out against this attack on their democratic values. But now they won’t, because they are being silenced by the fear of being called Islamophobes.

Unfortunately racism, bigotry and hate exist in all societies and have existed since time immemorial. As caring Canadians we must always speak out against these acts. But this extends to all communities. For example, anti-Semitic acts are on the rise across the world and also in Canada.

However, it’s not laws that will stop the rise of hate and bigotry.

A bill like M-103 will only increase the frustration of ordinary Canadian who want to (and have the right) to ask questions regarding Islam. Being concerned about creeping sharia is not “phobic.” Questioning honor-based violence and FGM in Muslim majority societies is not “phobic.”

PicHeading;Canadian MP Iqra Khalid (Photo: Campaign materials)


See ex-muslim woman from Saoudi-Arabia loudly desperately protesting and warning;

M-103 is the first step toward sharia!

MUST SEE video

More on motion M103 here.

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