Israel joins Trump-mocking campaign with parody video

“We totally understand that it’s going to be America first, but can we just say ‘Israel second’?”

Satire show’s clip, from the land ‘where God had sex with Miriam,’ pushes bid for Jewish state to be ‘second’ to America’s ‘first’

Iraeli satire program Gav HaUmah (Back of the Nation), hosted by comedian Lior Schlein, on Saturday joined the mock international competition of countries seeking to be considered “number two” in the wake of Donald Trump’s “America First” message.

Schlein introduced the video appeal to Trump, explaining that he had been asked by a similar German satire program to participate in the campaign started by a Dutch Jewish comedian late last month.

“And I, Schlein, when the Germans ask me to do something, I do it,” he quipped.

Comedy programs in at least 17 other countries have submitted videos sarcastically campaigning for their respective nations to be considered “second” to America’s “first.”

The Israeli clip, like others, was produced using sentence structures similar to those favored by Trump, and the narrator’s voice is very similar to the former reality show star’s.

“Dear Mr. President,” the video begins politely, “welcome to this introduction video about Israel,” before going on to ridicule Trump for a series of gaffes from the campaign, the transition and the first few weeks of his presidency…

Lior Schlein, host of the Israeli satire program, Gav Haumah presents the video that his show entered in the global competition to be the next country that follows “America First” on February 11, 2017. (Screen capture/YouTube)



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