Necrophilia is quite an off topic but still, it’s fully halal according to islamic scriptures

by Zeepertje; a sunday contemplation

Of course for most of us this necrophilia stuff is way beyond our western values, at least for the vast majority I guess. But it’s a different story when thinking the islamic way.

According to a number of acknowledged hadith it’s fine to fuck your dead wife or an animal. It doesn’t even matter whether you take the front or the back…

A dead corpse doesn’t bother which side its toast is buttered on. Of course there are certain restrictions (islam has it’s values!) concerning the time left to enjoy after the human or animal turned into a corpse. One does not want to upset Allah hey!

Now, before contineuing let’s try to bring in some fun…

Disgusting and despicable but most certainly not for the mohammedans. They (have to) follow Mohammed as their perfect example in every detail of life. And yes, this holy prophet (a real sex addict) fucked his way around, sticking his dick in every hole. Well, not for the dogs because they are considered haram, just left to kill…

When Mohammed didn’t have a wife nearby he could simply take an infidel slave or arrange a temporary marriage with someone just for fucking (still, prostitution is not allowed in islam, that’s why they call it temporary marriage).

He had lots of lust for the young ones and therefore he took his favorite Aïsha whom he penetrated at age nine. From the age of six he married her but for three years the poor bastard just had to jerk himself on top of her because he would or could not consumate her before the age of nine. Seems quite reasonable…

So, when he was out of wives, out of dead corpses, out of slaves etc… Well, there was always a camel left outside. By the way, every animal you fuck has to be killed because they become impure and of course that’s haram to eat. There is an alternative though. You may sell it on a market in another town for consuming by others. Yeah, it’s a weird weird world when you cannot think the muzzie way.

Enjoy your day, Zeepertje

Here’s a shortlist of this great guy which shows you some do’s and dont’s

or more simplified…

And you know, with this overwhelming influx of migrants, bringing their filthy cult with them, and also due to our governments, we will get more and more islamized resulting in a situation which allows these creepy things becoming the new normal. Is this what our ancesters would like to see. I’ll leave this question with you to think it over. Or are you going to vote the same political elite like vvd, gl, d66 or whatever more of the same shit next time?

Hope this shocking islamic behaviour will be another eye opener for you to vote a rightwing party next time!

Just a last one for total sickness…

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