Apologeet Amnesty Nederland verkondigt leugens over de islam en koran

Met dank aan de Jan Roos  “Mensenrechten”-vlog, waarover hij zeer terecht opmerkt dat Amnesty Nederland (De handle @amnestynl voor het … Meer

Jews in Turkey under attack over Temple Mount crisis

Temple Mount crisis escalates into religious rift abroad, as Muslims in Turkey block entry into, and vandalize synagogues, threatening to … Meer

Why they hate us? Because we’re (white westerners) superior to islam, on all areas

And of course because their holy quran tells them to hate us, it’s an obligatory duty from Mohammed himself. We … Meer

78% of Italians feel abandoned by EU over migrant crisis

The vast majority of Italians are feeling as though their country has been left to suffer by so-called ‘EU allies’. … Meer