G20 war gestern: In Frankreich brennen in wenigen Stunden 897 Autos

Paris – Gegen diese Ausschreitungen war der G20-Gipfel in Hamburg überspitzt formuliert fast schon friedlich: Rund um den französischen Nationalfeiertag … Meer

Italian NGO Threatens to “Storm” Austrian Border With North African “Refugees”

by Christopher Manion Totally ignored (of course) by US “news” media, the Italian Refugee Authority – an “aid” group (Hilfsorganisation) … Meer

London acid attacks: Man sprayed with ‘noxious substance’ by attackers on mopeds during attempted robbery, Moped rider targeted in similar pattern seen in five previous incidents

Another suspected acid attack has been launched in London, less than 24 hours after a spate of five similar incidents. … Meer