ISIS and sex slaves, as stated in the quran

They are just doing what their holy scripture tells them to do.

Beside the whole concept of sex slaves this can be seen as being the war booty during war. Nothing wrong and nothing new. At least for those who know.

ISIS = quran = Hezbollah = quran = Taliban = quran = Boko haram = quran = Hamas = quran = Al shabaab = quran = Al Nushra = quran = CAIR = quran = IOC = quran = and. so. on…

and all ISLAM!

Islam and therefore muslims all know it, it’s all in their heads and they are coming to our countries, heading for welfare, free houses, free war booty and not being able to adopt our values because of this indoctrinious cult.

  • Captured ISIS Fighter Talks about Use of Slave-Girls as Rewards for Fighters

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