Supermarkt adverteert met complete offerdieren – Expliciete (Video)beelden!

Supermarkt Öz-Ka in Dordrecht heeft een advertentie gemaakt voor complete offerdieren. Grote belangstelling voor offerdieren in Dordtse supermarkt: Het duurt … Meer

15 Teenagers Treated for Rabies After Engaging in Bestiality with Donkey (Update; Video islamic Donkey respect)

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Necrophilia is quite an off topic but still, it’s fully halal according to islamic scriptures

by Zeepertje; a sunday contemplation Of course for most of us this necrophilia stuff is way beyond our western values, … Meer

Denmark: Extreme cruelty to animals in Muslim ghetto: heads pulled off cats, kittens cut up and intestines pulled out

Halal slaughter is a cruel example of Islamic culture’s view on animal rights. Treatment of animals inside Muslim-dominated areas is … Meer