Robert Spencer: Canada’s Trudeau Rewards Jihad Murderer Omar Khadr with $10,500,000

But what will Omar do with the money? My latest in FrontPage:

Omar Khadr confessed to killing one U.S. soldier and blinding another with hand grenades in Afghanistan, but then charged that his confession was coerced through torture at Guantanamo Bay, and so the Canadian government of Justin Trudeau has just awarded him $10,500,000 ($8 million in U.S. dollars).

Predictably, not everyone is happy. Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer said: “This payout is a slap in the face to men and women in uniform who face incredible danger every day to keep us safe.”

Tabitha Speer, the widow of the man Khadr killed, Sgt. Christopher Speer, and Layne Morris, the man Khadr blinded, tried to get an emergency injunction to stop the Afbeeldingsresultaat voor trudeau Omar Khadrpayment, in light of a civil court order issued in Utah in 2015, calling upon Khadr to pay Speer and Morris $134 million. But it was too late. Apparently to forestall such initiatives, the Trudeau government quietly paid Khadr the full $10,500,000 so swiftly after announcing that it was going to do so that no action could be taken.

Andrew Scheer said, quite rightly, that handing over the money to Khadr before Speer and Morris could file their injunction was “not just wrong, but disgusting … contempt for the widow of a war hero. This shows such a mean-spirited attitude towards the true victims of his whole ordeal.”…

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