ISIS ‘sisters’ could strike next: Chilling warning over female jihadis ‘who hate the West’

A GROUP of Islamic State-supporting women could be next to carry out a terror attack in Britain, according to an undercover reporter.

ISIS supporting womenThe reporter, who works for Channel 4’s Dispatches, gained access to their ranks, and paints an alarming portrait of the Burka-clad women who support Islamist terrorism.

The women – dubbed the “sisters” by the reporter known only as ‘Aisha’ – express abhorrent views in support of terror attackers.

In footage shot two years ago, in which London Bridge attacker Khuram Butt featured, the women share their extreme views.

Aisha told the Mail: “The hatred toward non-believers runs deep in this politicised version of Islam” [banned terror group Al-Muhajiroun.]

“The women believe that the self-declared Islamic State is the true caliphate. In essence, they are swearing their allegiance to IS, which has declared a war on British and Western society.

“The casual way this small but motivated group trot out such abhorrent ideas in the presence of small children shows just how ‘normal’ they believe them to be.

“I always felt the group were suspicious of me – and that was to prove the case.

“As a result, I believe they toned down their rhetoric in my presence but that didn’t prevent them from espousing truly shocking views which I captured on film.”…


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