That didn’t take long… Muslim community ‘absolutely disgusted’ by Newcastle grooming gang

Indeed didn’t take long… Communities fear backlash as far-right seeks to ‘exploit exploitation’ Toods Nook in Newcastle, where ‘sex parties’ … Meer

More than 1200 Yazidis killed by Islamic State since 2014

Erbil ( Islamic State militants killed 1293 members of Iraq’s Yazidi minority since they took over Iraqi territories in 2014, … Meer

Oh you infidels, beware and prepare for islamic taqiyya

Read how muslims will try to confuse every discussion. Read this quran yourself to be prepared for those lie and … Meer

We all should understand these ISIS guys, they’re the best (NSFW *GRAPHIC)

Well, the best, that is to say… looking from islam’s point of view. They just follow their perfect example, the … Meer

Jesuit Scholar: Islamic ‘Extremists’ Are the True Muslims

This is the cold hard reality that Western elites refuse to accept which is why we are losing this war. … Meer

MUSTSEE for Liberals by a Liberal; LIBERALS AND IZLÁM!

…God’s representative for islam on earth was a warlord, a highway robber who massacred his enemies and spread his religion … Meer

Hoe lang nog voor we overgaan tot ontzetting en bevrijding van de islam?

Een kort filmpje los van alle immer negatieve islam nieuws om uw patriottisch bloed sneller te doen stromen. Er is … Meer