Roms Bürgermeisterin will keine „Flüchtlinge“ mehr aufnehmen

Nach Tschechien und Polen wachen scheinbar auch die Italiener auf. Bürgermeisterin Virginia Raggi spricht sich gegen eine weitere Aufnahme von „Flüchtlingen“ … Meer

Migrant Smugglers Making $518,000 Or So Per Boatload to Europe

Apparently, smuggling migrants into Europe is big business and brings big money — up to $518,000 per boatload, according to … Meer

NOT A SYRIAN REFUGEE IN SIGHT as African Muslim invaders posing as ‘refugees’ and ‘asylum seekers’ are being rescued by European bleeding heart leftists

“1,000 (African Muslim) ‘asylum seekers’ rescued by the Italian Coast Guard.” This is the same kind of headline that we … Meer

Fewer than 3% of migrants who reached Italy after crossing the Mediterranean in 2016 were deemed refugees, UN report shows

UN said 181,436 migrants arrived in Italy last year, mostly across Mediterannean  Only 4,808 were granted asylum in Italy and 90,334 … Meer