“I’m a Muslim, fuck Swedes, Swedes are racists,” roared 3 Muslim invaders, who tried to rob a homeless man and beat up a handicapped man on crutches in Sweden

Three Arab Muslims posing as refugees, aged 45, 38, & 32 (below), not only tried to steal the wallet and belongings … Meer

Norway’s Progress Party (FrP), which is one of two government parties, takes the credit for less crime in the country

The Progress Party can rightfully take the credit for the number of crimes in Oslo plunging, as the party holds … Meer

‘Especially vulnerable areas’ increase in Sweden: report

Eight new districts in Sweden have been added to a high-profile police list of ‘especially vulnerable areas’, where crime rates … Meer

Germany: Iraqi migrant (30) rapes 13-year-old girl, faces only 3.5 years in prison, no deportation

‘The Jungfernstieg‘ is an urban promenade in Hamburg, Germany. The city’s foremost boulevard and part of a buzzing nighlife, it’s … Meer

Over 600,000 Nigerians Migrated to Europe in 2016, Former U.N. Envoy Says

A former Nigerian Ambassador to the United Nations said this week that 602,000 Nigerians migrated to European countries in 2016 … Meer

Jailed Afghan Migrant Had Sexually Attacked 14 Women In Less than Six Months

A 25-year-old asylum seeker from Afghanistan has been sentenced to two years in prison for sexually molesting 14 women over … Meer

NOT A SYRIAN REFUGEE IN SIGHT as African Muslim invaders posing as ‘refugees’ and ‘asylum seekers’ are being rescued by European bleeding heart leftists

“1,000 (African Muslim) ‘asylum seekers’ rescued by the Italian Coast Guard.” This is the same kind of headline that we … Meer

Denmark: A 17-Year-Old Girl Fought Off a Rapist. Now She’s Being Charged

A crime to defend yourself? A 17-year-old girl managed to escape being raped by fighting off her attacker as he … Meer

Facts aren’t hate speech, it’s the quran you stupid idiots (Tommy Robbinson & Paul Joseph Watson)

Tommy Robinson went down to Manchester to see what’s going on. They want to destroy our way of life, the … Meer

Flüchtlinge aufnehmen? Tschechien lässt sich nicht erpressen und zahlt lieber Strafe an EU

Tschechien will sich an der EU-weiten Aufnahme von Flüchtlingen nicht beteiligen, insbesondere aus  Sicherheitsgründen.   Da helfen wohl nur noch … Meer