Denmark: A 17-Year-Old Girl Fought Off a Rapist. Now She’s Being Charged

A crime to defend yourself? A 17-year-old girl managed to escape being raped by fighting off her attacker as he ripped off her clothing.

#1 A crime to defend yourself? Now police say she will be charged with a crime for defending herself. The teenager was attacked around 10p.m. by a man described as “dark-skinned” in central Sønderborg, Denmark. She told police her attacker struck her, threw her to the ground and began forcibly removing her clothes.

#2 Illegal to possess and use pepper spray
Using a canister of pepper spray, the 17-year-old was able to fight him off and escape the attack. Now that tool of self defense is going to leave her as the only person charged with a crime in the incident.
“It is illegal to possess and use pepper spray, so she will likely be charged for that,” local police spokesman Knud Kirsten said, as cited by TV Syd.

#3 Outrage
Users of social media websites expressed their outrage over the incident. Irony being what it is, the girl only began carrying pepper spray because the local police have failed to curtail a wave of sexual attacks by asylum seekers and refugees…



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