Michigan: Refugees – mostly Muslim – behind unusually robust Obamacare enrollment

As suspected, Obamacare is a transfer of wealth…in large part to non-American refugees, immigrants and illegals. In Michigan and elsewhere, it is a taxation for Islamization scheme.

Source: “Nobody’s speaking English”: in Detroit suburbs, Arab-American enrollment in Obamacare breeds resentment – Vox

ACCESS’s health clinic in Dearborn, Michigan, serves a predominantly Arab-American population. Many of their patients are new immigrants and refugees to the area. Elaine Cromie for Vox


Rahameed and her family — a husband and three children — did not have health insurance. Refugees get eight months of health coverage when they arrive in the United States but are then left on their own. Rahameed and Amri worked low-wage jobs that didn’t provide coverage. A bill for $981 showed up after they took their young daughter, Leeandra, to the emergency room for the flu. They took out seven credit cards to cover their medical bills.

“Every day I would pray that my kids don’t get sick,” Rahameed said.

She said she only felt completely safe in the United States when she signed up for Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion, around Christmastime last year. It meant that she could get seen for a persistent rash she’d had for years, that her husband could have surgery on a hernia he developed in a job…

Also published on Fenixx.org

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