Syrian refugee fund guilty of defrauding ISIS by German court after demanding £160k from terror group to carry out attacks he never intended to go through with

  • Hasan A, 39, has been sentenced to two years in jail for defrauding ISIS
  • Prosecutors said he demanded £160,000 from terrorists in order to equip cars with explosives and disguise them as police vehicles
  • Hasan admitted contacting ISIS, but denied he was actually going to carry out the attacks, which a judge agreed with

A Syrian refugee living in Germany has been found guilty of trying to defraud ISIS.

Hasan A, from the city of Saarbruecken, has been sentenced to two years in jail for defrauding ISIS after he asked for £160,000 from the group in order to make bombs for a terror attackThe man, identified only as Hasan A., was sentenced to two years in jail after a judge in the city of Saarbruecken ruled that he had attempted to cheat the terror group.

The judge said Hasan, a 39-year-old hairdresser, had falsely claimed he was going to carry out terror attacks before asking the militants for 180,000 euros (£160,000).

The ruling swept aside prosecutors’ arguments that Hasan was guilty of the more serious crime of plotting attacks on behalf of a terror organization.

It also grants legal protection to ISIS, despite the fact that the money was never transferred to Hasan…

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