Palestinian Stabs Three Israelis to Death in Settlment Home, There were children in the house, who were not injured; ;the killer was shot but is still alive

A Palestinian stabbed a father and two of his children to death and seriously injured another in his home in the West Bank settlement Halamish Friday.

Medical teams rushing one of the victims from the stabbing in Halamish to the hospital, July 21, 2017.The family was having a festive Shabbat dinner to celebrate a new addition to the family when a 20-year-old Palestinian from the neighboring town of Khobar entered the house armed with a knife. One of the women present rushed the children into a room, called the police and hid.

The murderer Omar el-AbedMeanwhile the intruder stabbed four members of the family. He was stopped by a neighbor, an off-duty soldier, who heard the shouting, rushed over to the house and shot him.

The victims are a man in his 60s and a man and a woman in his 40s…

…Several hours before making his way into the settlement and murdering the three, el-Abed wrote on Facebook (in Arabic): “I’m 20, I have many dreams, but there is no life after what is seen in Al-Aqsa.”…

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OtherSources; jpost>> timesofisrael>> Washingtonpost>> barenakedislam>>

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Update july 28: Here’s the jihadists sick mother, praising Allah…

  • Mother of terrorist who butchered Israeli family proud

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