There is No Such Thing As “Islamophobia”, and Here’s Why…

by Laura

The word “Islamophobia” is often used to silence those who criticise Islam. The main problem with this, however, is that Islam is a voluntary belief system that many of us choose not to participate in. Like it or not, but as free-thinking Westerners we have every right to comment on or rationally criticise whatever we like.

IslamophobiaLet me be clear; I’m not saying we have the right to lie or be threatening. What we do have, however, is the right to make connections between Islam and its incompatibility with the West. This is, after all, an opinion that the majority of us share.

There are unwritten rules in Europe regarding what you may criticise and what you may not. You may criticise White men. You may criticise 17.4 million Brexit voters. You may even criticise Christianity. But Islam, for some reason, is completely untouchable. There can be as many terrorists shouting “Allah Akbar” as you like, but if you dare to speak out about the unusually high amount of terror attacks that are carried out in the name of Islam, then it’s definitely you that’s the bad guy.

What is it about the “You’re an Islamophobe!” shriekers that forces them to close their eyes and carry on, blissfully unaware that their indifference is part of the problem? Take the people in the above picture, for example; the ones carrying the “LGBT Against Islamophobia” banner. Their virtue signalling may go down well in the tolerant West, but what would happen if they paraded that banner in a Muslim-majority country like Saudi Arabia, for example? They’d be blindfolded, thrown from the top of a high building and then stoned to death at the bottom.

Islamophobia is a word that I reject. It’s a non-word, a word with no purpose other than to shut down facts and debate, and it makes me grimace beyond belief every time another woeful SJW recites it.

There is no such thing as Islamophobia, and here’s why…

It’s the Little Sister of “Racist” (and That’s Supposed to Scare You)

In his 2011 essay: “The Invention of Islamophobia”…

defendevropa for remaining sections;

  • It’s Not Really a “Phobia”
  • It’s Incompatible With Freedom of Speech
  • It’s a Tool of the Virtue Signaller
  • Conclusion


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