Let’s put the size of the Muslim “minority” into perspective

When we talk about Muslims as a minority we often forget that worldwide they are in the billions as they can be of any race or ethnicity. New Zealand is a tiny country and is not heavily populated like Japan so Muslims can easily tip the balance here and turn us from a Secular and Christian majority country into a Muslim one.

Gerelateerde afbeeldingThis is what happened to Lebanon, the formerly Christian country my maternal great, great grandparents came from. We are actually more at risk of becoming a Muslim majority country here in New Zealand than large countries like Australia and America.

Australia is already having serious problems with both Islamic terrorism and Muslim activists pushing for Sharia law. One recent example was the privacy curtains installed around a public swimming pool to allow segregation from the public for Australian Muslim women.

When we talk about a Muslim minority inside our Western countries it is hard to visualise how many people that actually represents. 2.6%, for example, doesn’t sound very big but how many people is it in reality?

To put it into perspective if every Australian Muslim moved to New Zealand our capital city would not be large enough to house them even if we kicked out every single Wellingtonian. In Australia, Muslims make up only 2.6% of the population…


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