The EU pours billions of euros into Erdogan’s Turkey, results remain absent

What does the European Union do, when confronted with the rise of a freshly groomed Turkish dictator who throws his political opponents in jail, abolishes free press, promotes political Islam, and is damaging his economy?

Does the EU oppose him like they ‘bravely’ oppose Trump for example? Of course not. They pump billions (not millions, billions!) into their economy, meant for Turkey to improve its rule of law, its fundamental human rights, and its democracy.

Turkey has received almost €1 billion from the EU meant for the rule of law and democracy, and that’s not the whole picture; between 2007 and this year, Turkey was allocated roughly €4.8 billion, which is more than 40 percent of the EU’s Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance fund’s (IPA) allocations. Of that, €2.68 billion was committed and €2.19 billion paid out. A further €1.65 billion has been allocated since 2014 but has not yet been paid out. Because the country is somehow still a candidate-member, it seems quite possible they will receive even more money in the future.

The EU’s behaviour is somewhat baffling. Erdogan has jailed over 50.000 people for their ‘ties’ to Fethullah Gülen. Gülen is seen by Erdogan as the organiser of the failed coup in July last year. Furthermore, about 138.000 people have been fired and almost 2.100 schools have been shut down.

Amongst the detained are 234 journalists, 4.400 judges and 8.270 academics.

Meanwhile, Erdogan himself activated his constitutional amendments package last year, also known as the ‘power bill’. It was drafted by Erdogan’s AK party…


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