Growing Anti-Muslim Sentiment Across The European Union

Instead of waiting to rescue migrants at risk of drowning when their flimsy craft capsizes several Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have decided to skip that all together. Increasingly, they are a taxi service for migrants.

muslim migrationOne of the first reports I came across was last December; through arranged radio contact with smugglers “NGO ships are directed to the ‘rescue spot’ even as those to be rescued are still in Libya.”

The situation in Europe is will only deteriorate. How much fear and uncertainty will Europeans put up with? When will citizens demand an end to the destruction of their communities? After each Islamic terror attack, before fresh blood has been scrubbed from the sidewalk, cowed politicians march in front of cameras to proclaim Muslims engaged in terror and violence “are nothing to do with Islam”. The crowd at the pub isn’t buying that crap anymore.

migrationThe political class sold African immigration to Europeans under the guise of humanitarian aid. You must save those souls fleeing violence and famine they declared. After decades of non-stop indoctrination to accept not just multiculturalism, but cultural relativism the people could not resist.

During those thirty-odd-years politicians also worked feverishly at legislating away sovereign borders. The EU took control of immigration. The zeitgeist meant anyone speaking out against the new comers was labelled xenophobic and a racist. Hate crime laws were created.

The lie of the globalists is now bearing its natural fruit.

You can’t import an incompatible dogmatic culture into a diverse secular society and not expect trouble…

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