Trump Busts Palestinian Leader Abbas for Horrific Lie

President Trump did something we can’t imagine Barack Obama ever doing.

He busted the leader of Palestine for lying to him right to his face.

They were so relieved, so happy to no longer have to deal with the duplicity of Barack Obama and to have someone they viewed as a true friend, they couldn’t praise Trump enough.

Remember on the day he was left office, Obama reportedly tried to funnel money to the Palestinians.

He also interfered in the Israeli election in the hopes of defeating Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but lost in that effort.

But in addition to vastly and immediately rectifying our relationship with Israel, Trump is also adjusting our relationship with the Palestinians.

Where Obama and the Democrats seemed to throw our natural ally Israel under the bus when looking at the Israeli-Palestinian dynamic. Trump is calling the Palestinians to account.

Here’s a fascinating report from the Times of Israel:

US President Donald Trump is said to have shouted at Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas during their meeting in Bethlehem…

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