Court Lets Muslim Marry Child Bride, Horrified By What’s Found In His Home Days Later

After a man felt “dishonored” by a neighboring family, the court agreed to allow the parties to settle their dispute by permitting the man to marry his offender’s 10-year-old little sister.

However, just days later, authorities were horrified by what they discovered inside of the man’s home.

According to the Quran, Muslims are to exact “an eye for an eye” from those who cross them, whether deliberately or accidentally. Thanks to this brutal command, Sharia courts often allow parties to settle these offenses through monetary compensation. If the guilty party is unable to cough up the required assets, the religious court rules that other “properties” may be offered instead — namely women and children.

Court Lets Muslim Marry Child Bride, Horrified By What's Found In His Home 4 Days LaterMuhammad Mudassir, 27, was outraged to discover that his 18-year-old sister, Amna, eloped with her paramour, Muhammad Yasin, instead of obeying her male relatives, who the Quran states have divine authority over their women. Because his sister had committed the crime of “dishonor,” Mudassir sought to punish the newlyweds and their family in a court in Kacha Khuh, Pakistan.

The ruling clerics of the Islamic court ruled that Yasin’s family must pay for his sins. The compensation was to be Yasin’s 10-year-old sister who was ordered to be wedded to Mudassir within one week, a far too common sentence under Sharia. Just 3 days before the child marriage was to take place, Yasin’s father refused to hand over his little girl to the dishonored pedophile, causing Mudassir even more “humiliation.” It was then that he decided to avenge his own family honor.

The Express Tribune reports that Mudassir took an ax and hacked his 18-year-old sister, Amna, to pieces to spite her new husband and in-laws. Once Mudassir was informed that he would not be marrying the 10-year-old girl, he decided to take back the property that Allah had granted him by religious right — his sister’s life…


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