US FGM Investigation Widens

Following revelations about two Michigan doctors accused of performing female genital mutilation, the child welfare agency in Detroit is moving to terminate parental rights in at least two families.

At present, the children are still in their homes. Their parents were ordered to appear in court in a few days.

The case involves doctors and members of a Muslim community called Dawoodi Bohra. The defendants in the case are Jumana Nagarwala, 44, a female emergency room doctor and Dr. Fakhruddin Attar and his wife Farida. Dr. Attar ran the clinic where the FGM was allegedly performed. Attar is accused of allowing Nagarwala to use his clinic to perform FGM and his wife is said to have held the girls’ hands as they underwent the brutally-painful procedure which is normally performed with anesthesia.

See Clarion Project’s Fact Sheet on Female Genital Mutilation

FGM includes all procedures involving partial or complete removal of the external female genitalia, or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons. Short-term complications can include hemorrhaging, pain, shock, and even death, while long-term complications include formation of cysts, problems with sexual intercourse and giving birth, chronic pelvic infection and sterility.

The trauma of FGM often lasts a lifetime and can cause depression and anxiety, among other psychological problems.

FGM reduces or eliminates sexual pleasure for the victim.

Even though FGM has been illegal in the United States since 1996, the FBI, which recently joined the battle to stop the procedure in the U.S., says more than 500,000 women and girls across the country are at risk of undergoing the barbaric procedure.

The number of girls and women at risk in the U.S. has tripled since 1990

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