Swedish Police is Pelted with STONES by Muslims While Arresting Stockholm Terrorist

Swedish anti-terror police – including a Muslim officer praised by colleagues – are pelted with STONES while arresting Stockholm attack suspects near migrant district Trump called a ‘no-go zone’

  • EXCLUSIVE: Happened near Rinkeby, part of ‘no go zone’ mentioned by Trump
  • Policeman Abdallah Ahmed said on social media: ‘Some people will never learn’
  • A colleague said: ‘You’re fantastic. I wish I was working with you yesterday’
  • Officers believed to be involved in operation to arrest 17-year-old and his mother

Police officers responding to the Stockholm terror atrocity were pelted with stones last night. Policeman Abdallah Ahmed (pictured) wrote about the incident on Facebook

Police officers responding to the Stockholm terror atrocity were attacked by a gang of youths who pelted them with stones last night, Swedish policemen have said.

The attack happened last night near Rinkeby, part of the ‘immigrant no-go zone’ that gained notoriety when President Trump referred to it in a controversial speech in February.

It is thought that the officers were taking part in an operation to arrest a 17-year-old and his mother at an address linked to the 39-year-old prime suspect.

Both have since been released without charge.

‘During the night my colleagues were exposed to stone throwing in [the suburb of] Tensta, in the middle of an ongoing terror operation.

‘Some people will never learn,’ Abdallah Ahmed, a police officer, said in a social media post.

‘To terror I want to say one thing, in pure Swedish: go to hell…


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